About Us


About Us

About Us

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; It will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep”

– John Keats


At Alegria, we believe that every person has a tremendous potential for beauty and joy. We also believe that each person is responsible for taking action to achieve beauty and joy, while at the same time respecting one’s own uniqueness. We are here to work with you synergistically. We believe in inspiring you to breach your mental and physical limitations and make your dream a reality. Our beliefs are reflected in our medically curated innovative treatments, the quality of our exclusive products, as well as the visible improvements experienced by our clients.


  • We serve with a high standard of integrity.
  • We respect each person’s uniqueness and diversity and treat each one with care.
  • We believe that our treatments and products should embody scientifically proved results.
  • We believe in inspiring people to achieve their goals in beauty, wellness and happiness.


Here at Alegria, we aim to give you the opportunity to celebrate yourself. No matter your age, skin or form, at Alegria, we empower you to give yourself a gift of beauty.

At Alegria, we use a two pronged approach. We handpick our team of experienced estheticians, who are fully trained and capable of customizing unique effective age defying and youth enhancing treatments. We provide individual consultations and customized programs so that you can achieve your goals. In collaboration with Alegria, you can achieve your personal brand of beauty and achieve happiness.

In addition to the quality of our estheticians, we are committed to science and innovation. Alegria employs state of the art non-invasive technology to help you enhance your beauty potential and achieve your best. Our solutions and treatments are created in consultation with, and designed by, medical doctors to target a wide spectrum of beauty needs. We carefully curate innovative products and technology available in the market and constantly update ourselves, so as to offer you the best medically sound treatments available.

We believe that beauty and happiness are intertwined; we believe that you can and should experience both inner and outer beauty.